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49 Nice And Creative Error 404 Pages

Posted by freesoftwaretools on May 19, 2009

Whether you have a broken link on your site or your visitors happened to come from a site that incorrectly hyperlinked your site; they are likely to land on a error page. If this error page is properly handled, the visitor will be reading a Error 404 page.

Seeing things from a visitor’s point of view, when a hyperlink is clicked, it’s expected to return results of related information. And if it turned out to be an error page, it’s disappointing, sometimes frustrating too. Most of the time, a frustrated visitor don’t return.

So for a web designer or developer, though sometimes you cannot control the cause of error page, but you can minimize the damages by using a custom Error 404 page. The page can serve to educate, encourage visitor to re-search, display related information visitor might be interested or even redirecting them back to main page. Error 404 page is mandatory and if you currently don’t have one, here’s 49 nice and creative Error 404 pages begging to inspire you. Full list after jump.


  1. HomeStar Runner

  2. PEN-and-PAPER

  3. Project EUH

  4. Tix02

  5. Spore

  6. Psicobyte

  7. Poemofquotes

  8. Underconsideration

  9. Martinkorner


  11. Jackfig

  12. Newyorker

  13. Meroigo

  14. Mikeace

  15. Jhuskisson

  16. Startdrag

  17. LookItsMe

  18. Amcharts

  19. Alistapart

  20. Enesto Timor

  21. Jtbullitt

  22. Galiacho

  23. Ateaseweb

  24. Cgcraft

  25. Codesense

  26. Suspended Animations


  28. Tysontate

  29. Rubberducky

  30. Aviation Reviews

  31. Twitter

  32. Kitty-yo

  33. Jibjab

  34. Pownce

  35. Freeshell

  36. Dazeofourlives

  37. The Big Noob

  38. Jeremy Fuksa

  39. Just Creative

  40. Slonky

  41. Frye / Wiles

  42. NTL World


  44. Bruno Bellamy

  45. Blue Vertigo

  46. HomeStar Runner

  47. Krystal Archive

  48. D20srd

  49. Rainfall Daffinson

  50. CUOMA Design Studio


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